Amazing Tactical Artwork

Have you seen the tactical artwork by Melinda Lowry Anter?  She creates "larger than life" images - all drawn from photographs.  The sniper image above was drawn for Accuracy International.

She is a big fan of Dick Kramer (who isn't?!) and is inspired by his work.  She has met him several times at trade shows over the years, and he even gave her tips on how to make her drawings better.  Golden nuggets from an expert! 


Her specialty is pencil drawings, especially when it comes to tactical portraits, but she also loves to draw animals with prisma color pencils and paint with acrylics.  For murals, she enjoys working with acrylics and airbrush, depending on what she is creating.  To add another layer, she enjoys graphic design and working in Photoshop to create digital paintings and collages with multiple layers and textures. 

If you are interested in a custom drawing, email the photo you want drawn to for a timeline and quote.  *Artwork tip - more details in your photograph will help to create a better drawing, so good contrast and high resolution are a must to get the best quality work.