New Products in the Works

Hello Patriots!  We have some cool new products that are in the works.  We wanted to share these ideas with you and give you a sneak peak of what's to come!

We are working with Soul Kix, a custom print shoe company in Orem, Utah and we have a couple of designs being made.  Our new designs will be available in men's sizes 4.5 and up and women's sizes starting at size 6; kids sizes will be available in the fall. There are more design ideas coming, but here is what we have so far.  Once we get the design finalized, we will be printing these cool shoes to purchase on our site!  And remember that with every order, we donate to Canines With a Cause to help give back to our sheepdog soldiers:




Below is our newest poster which will be available on the site shortly.  The size is 16 X 20 and it has a quote from Sun Tzu "Be so subtle that you are invisible.  Be so mysterious that you are intangible.  Then you will control your rival's fate."  It incorporates a pencil sketch by artist Melinda Lowry Anter with a cool paint splatter design in Photoshop.


Here are our newest posters that have been added to the site and are available to purchase.  They are 16 X 20 and signed by the artist Melinda Lowry Anter.  They are created with a photograph and then multiple layers in Photoshop to create the collage effect:  


Until next time...

The FLOC Team