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For Love of Country

FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY Up next is the brand: For Love of Country. For Love of Country stepped onto our radar one day while I was surfing the web, it's a husband-and-wife team that are extremely patriotic. In fact, the wife is an artist that does some fantastic artwork that is tactical in nature and they make a specific line of workout apparel that features her artwork.


Recently we received a shipment from them with a few shirts and a fantastic piece of art. The artwork is in the process of being framed and will be hanging in my hallway with all my other certificates and tactical memorabilia. I absolutely love the quote that they have placed on this art work.

As we need good men and women to step up and be counted on. It’s a biblical principle that has been lost in our country today.


As our readers know, anybody that supports our troops and stands behind our soldiers scores major points with Wodville, and on top of this, the artwork that they have produced is phenomenal. I received their red shirt which represents “Remember Everyone Deployed”. I wear it often on RED Friday.

Moving on, I strongly encourage all our CrossFit community to logon and order some of their gear, you will not be disappointed! For those of you that like to wear a new shirt on those veteran workout days this is the company for you.


And to all my fellow sheepdogs hunting the wolf, you need to purchase them as well! Not only do they support our soldiers, but they also support our first responders! (They also have a line of artwork for SWAT and Firefighters as well.)


For Love of Country will also do custom art work for you. Send them your photos and let them work their magic.


I will definitely be ordering more gear from them in the future! 


“For Love of Country ( is dedicated to all of the men and women who protect and serve our country, whether at home or abroad. Our mission is to help spread support and patriotism through art. We appreciate the 'sheepdogs' who commit their lives to protect the flock and confront the wolf. We are truly grateful.”


Log on and order ASAP! 


Jason and Heidi Hensley

Jason and Heidi Hensley